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Practice Your Posting Trot at Bull Run Stables in Centreville

Whether you've been riding for years or want to take up a new hobby, consider heading over to Bull Run Stables. This 40-acre facility just outside Centreville includes an indoor arena, outdoor fields, and several barns. The staff offer weekly horseback riding lessons (private or in groups) primarily in the arena (especially for beginners), and

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Fairfax County Area Date Night Ideas

The key to keeping your relationship strong is spending quality time together, and for many couples, that means setting aside at least one night each week for date night. If you're looking for unique and romantic date night ideas in the Fairfax County area, here are a few great options that aren't just your standard

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It’s National Yoga Month — Here’s Where to Take a Class in Centreville

Happy National Yoga Month! Whether you're already an avid yogi or you're eager to try this long-practiced form of meditation and exercise, there are a ton of great studios where you can take a class this September. Here are just a few of the best yoga studios in the Centreville area. Namoo Yoga. This nondescript

It’s National Yoga Month — Here’s Where to Take a Class in Centreville2019-09-09T23:55:59+00:00

September is Pet Month! Here’s How to Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Not at Home

You love spending time with your pet, but unfortunately, you can't be home with him all the time. If you're worried about keeping your dog or puppy occupied while you're out of the house, here are a few tips to ensure that he's healthy and happy (and stays away from your shoes). Create a designated

September is Pet Month! Here’s How to Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Not at Home2019-09-20T17:08:59+00:00

June Happenings Around Lakeside

Happy June!   With June comes summer and if you’re anything like us, we are excited for the summer months and all that summer entails right here in Centreville and Northern Virginia! There are so many wonderful events and festivals happening this month and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Can you believe it is actually February? Neither can we! February means a lot of things, but one thing that we all can’t forget this month is Valentine’s Day! Don’t let Valentine’s Day sneak up on you this year.  Start thinking and planning of what you can do for that special someone in your life

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Holy Donuts!

Happy New Year everyone! Was one of your new year's resolutions to eat better or be healthier or no more “junk” food?  If so, we absolutely applaud you, but don’t forget a little treat once in a while is a-ok and we have the perfect suggestion for you!   One of Centreville’s newest additions is

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5 Things To Do This December!

We just love this time of the year! There is so much excitement in the air with the holidays right around the corner.  Everywhere we go we feel the joy of the holidays, especially here at Lakeside!   With all the excitement and holidays this month, we know it can be a busy time for

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