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Fun Holiday Staycation Ideas in Fairfax

Want to go somewhere for the holidays, but without all the fuss of planning a trip? A holiday staycation is a great way spend time with those you love and experience new sights in the Fairfax area. Whether you treat yourself to a staycation somewhere nearby or give a staycation as a gift, there are

Fun Holiday Staycation Ideas in Fairfax2019-09-20T17:13:21+00:00

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities in the Fairfax Area

While giving and receiving gifts is a big part of the holiday season, doing good for those less fortunate could become an annual tradition, too. If you're interested in volunteering or donating to charities in the Fairfax area, here are some great causes. Remove Plant Pests in Americana Park with Team Accotink Clean up the

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities in the Fairfax Area2019-09-09T23:30:50+00:00

World Gratitude Day is November 21 — Here’s How to Celebrate

Do you feel like you could show a bit of extra gratitude for the good things in your life? Well, on November 21 you'll have a chance to do just that during World Gratitude Day. This holiday aims to encourage people to show more gratitude for the people and things they have in their lives,

World Gratitude Day is November 21 — Here’s How to Celebrate2020-06-12T10:22:31+00:00

Hosting Thanksgiving at Home? Check Out These Tips

Whether this is your first or your fiftieth time hosting Thanksgiving, everyone could use a little help when cooking a large meal for friends and family. Before you plan the menu or hit the grocery store, check out these tips for creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. -Research recipes. If you don't have an old family

Hosting Thanksgiving at Home? Check Out These Tips2019-09-09T23:15:55+00:00

Fall Fun in the Fairfax Area

It's easy to feel sad that summer is over, but many people forget how much fun the fall season can be. When the weather cools down, leaves start to fall and the jackets come out, lots of fall events start happening in the Fairfax area. Here are just a few great festivals and events to

Fall Fun in the Fairfax Area2019-09-20T17:12:40+00:00

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again... Mother’s Day! Instead of the typical and most likely predictable Mother’s Day gift of jewelry, flowers or a homemade card, think outside of the box this year. For this years Mother’s Day, give that mother figure in your life something new that you’ve created with help from your kids.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas2019-09-09T23:28:53+00:00

March is National Craft Month!

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Yup, true story! Whether you’re a big crafter already or not, we want to help you celebrate National Craft Month the rest of March.  Plus, you never know, this may inspire you to become a crafter!   Check out the following 5 crafts to get you

March is National Craft Month!2019-09-20T17:13:22+00:00